OOA Fonden

OOA Fonden

OOA Fonden is a Danish entity established by the Danish movement against nuclear power.

The decision to establish OOA Fonden was taken during the very last national meeting of the OOA (Organisationen til Oplysning om Atomkraft = Organisation for Information on Nuclear Power) on 1stApril, 2000 in Copenhagen. It is closely linked to another decision at the same meeting i.e. the decision to dissolve the OOA as of 31stMay, 2000. The decision recognised that, since its founding on 31stJanuary 1974 the OOA had successfully campaigned against and avoided the introduction of nuclear power in Denmark and achieved the closing down of the two reactors of the neighbouring Barsebäck nuclear power plant in Sweden.

Following a preparation period OOA Fonden was formally established on 1stJuly 2002. On 12thDecember 2002 The Civil Affairs Agency (Civilstyrelsen) acknowledged the establishment of the OOA, Fonden identified by CVR no. 2740 9954. OOA Fonden is obliged to pay VAT from licence-generated income and reports to the Danish Tax Authorities under CVR no. 3253 1059.

The primary purpose of OOA Fonden is, on a non-profit basis, to secure and maintain the rights of the OOA on a non-profit basis, especially any copyrights, trademark rights and other rights related to the Smiling Sun logo, expressing the message NUCLEAR POWER? – NO THANKS in anylanguage. OOA Fonden distributes 2/3 of any license income to regional and international activities serving the anti nuclear movement.

A board, including a legal advisor and a copyright consultant, manages OOA Fonden. All management activity by the board is based upon unpaid voluntary work. The board of OOA Fonden has authorized Copyright Consultant Siegfried Christiansen to represent OOA Fonden in any matter concerning user agreements, licence contracts and matters of infringement upon the Smiling Sun Logo.

Board of OOA Fonden:

Bente Meillier, Chairman

Stig Melgaard, Vice Chairman

Ebbe Holm, Legal Advisor

Siegfried Christiansen, Manager and Copyright Consultant

Anne Lund, Member

Mette Gad, Member

Legal representatives:

NJORD Law Firm, Pilestræde 58, DK-1112 København K., Denmark

eho@njordlaw.com - www.njordlaw.com

Anwaltskanzlei Axel Nagler

III. Hagen 39, D-45127 Essen, Germany

info@raenagler.de - www.raenagler.de